"Thanks for your superb hospitality, for picking us up at the airport so late at night, and for all your helpful hints."
- Jean & Brian S. ( Rochester, Minnesota 03/02)
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The Villa Ocean Kaleidoscope experience... Affordable rates, Quality amenities, and Personalized service!


RENTAL DEPOSITS & PAYMENTS:  A 50% rental deposit is due immediately after booking to confirm the reservation.  The rent balance, damage deposit, taxes and any additional fees or charges included on the Res/Con agreement, must be paid in full no more than 60 days prior to the scheduled arrival date on Res/Con agreement.  A maximum 5-day hold, from the date of booking, will be granted for receipt of unpaid deposits or balances.  Deposits and/or balances not received in accordance with the Res/Con agreement schedule of payment, or receipt of bounced checks, will result in immediate release of booked dates and/or cancellation of reservation.  Bookings made 60 days or less prior to the check-in date, discounted or special rates, monthly rates and/or reserved dates not satisfying the seasonal minimum stay requirements, will require 100% pre-payment.  Last minute, on-island reservations will require full payment by cash, travelerࣨecks or money order.  All acceptable forms of payment (unless otherwise noted) include cash, travelerࣨeck, money order, personal check, cashierࣨeck, wire transfer or credit cards.  All deposit and payment terms are subject to change without notice.

DAMAGE DEPOSITS:  There is a minimum $500 damage deposit for use of this rental.  The damage deposit is fully refundable within 30 days of your departure, less any incidental charges.  Incidentals charges may include (but are not limited to) lost or damaged keys, missing items, breakage, long distance phone charges, excessive cleaning, sand or unnatural debris removal from spa or pool, damage to equipment; furniture; landscaping; or any other amenity items.  All incidental charges will be deducted from the damage deposit, at the replacement cost plus any applicable service fee(s) and a maximum administrative fee of $100.  See Cancellation & Refund Policy. 

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CANCELLATION & REFUNDS:  Deposits and payments are non-refundable unless written cancellation is received.  Cancellation Percentage Refund Schedule:  Cancellation received 61 days or more prior to the scheduled check-in date on the Res/Con agreement will result in an 60% refund of the total rental payment received, 46 氠days = 50% refund, 31 - 45 days = 40% refund, 30 days or less = 0% refund.  No shows, late arrivals, unapproved decreases in number of guests, early departures after arrival, hurricane clause, or abandoning the property without owner notification are 100% non-refundable and non-compensational.  Travel cancellation insurance is strongly recommended.

INTEREST-BEARING ACCOUNT:  All rental monies shall be deposited in an interest-bearing escrow account. All interest accrued shall be to the benefit of Ocean Kaleidoscope Villa.

RATES/ SEASONS:  Low Season runs from 05/15 Ჿ4.  High Season runs from 12/15 ൿ4.  Christmas/ New Year Holiday Season runs from 12/15 ౿5.  All rates are subject to change without prior notice before a Res/Con agreement is issued.  Only the rental rate in effect at the time the rental deposit or partial payment is received, and as per the signed Res/Con agreement, will be honored by Ocean Kaleidoscope Villa.  Reservation cancellation or rental termination will void all previous rental rates or quotes.  Only current published rates will be in effect for the rental period. Guests are responsible for re-verifying applicable rates, inclusions and terms when submitting a request for reservation. 

MINIMUM STAY REQUIREMENT:  5-night minimum stay requirement during the low season and 7-night minimum stay requirement during the high season.  Christmas/ New Year holiday bookings require a 10 night minimum stay (if advertised).

TRANSPORTATION SERVICES: Guests can pre-arrange an exclusive airport pick-up, which includes up to the minute flight monitoring, being met at the gate with a customized sign, and direct transport to the villa.  Please inquire at the time of reservation.

GROCERY SERVICES: Guests can arrange to have the villa pre-stocked with groceries of their choice.  Please inquire at the time of reservation.

CLEANING SERVICE:  The rental property is cleaned prior to arrival.  Requests for additional nightly or mid-week cleaning service should be made in writing prior to arrival.  $100 fee per extra requested cleaning. Monthly reservations are assessed a $150 non-refundable cleaning fee, and limited to 2 services.  Please inquire at the time of reservation.

LAUNDRY SERVICES:  Standard sized washer/dryer available on-site.  Directions to off-site laundry facilities will be made available to guests upon request.  Fee based drop-off and pick-up laundry services can be arranged during the rental period.

STANDARD PROPERTY AMENITIES:  Unless otherwise noted on the amenities page, Ocean Kaleidoscope Villa is fully equipped with linens, bath & beach towels, bath and hand soap (one time at check in), dishes, flatware, paper towel (one time at check in), dish towels, dish liquid (one time at check in), basic pots and pans, kitchen utensils, bath tissue (one time at check in), telephone, TV, microwave, coffee maker, iron and ironing board, and air conditioning.  Please inquire at the time of reservation about any amenities or any potential hazards, which are important to you.

HOUSE RULES:  Upon check in guests will receive a walk through orientation of the property, to include and don㔠for energy conservation, safety, cleanliness, and responsible usage of amenities.  Guests are responsible for notifying management in writing within 24hrs of checking in of any concerns, problems, issues, or discrepancies related to the general property environment and/or amenities.OUSE RULES: A printed list of house reminders is posted on the premises, which includes energy conservation, safety, and cleanliness and don㔿and emergency telephone numbers and directions.

RESTRICTIONS ON OCCUPANCY:  Ocean Kaleidoscope Villa is reserved for the EXCLUSIVE occupancy and use of the number and named individuals, as specified and as paid for on the Res/Con agreement.  Occupancy is limited to no more than two (2) persons (excluding adults; infants, toddlers, or children; sleeping in a crib, playpen, cot or pull out sofa) per bedroom.  Misrepresentation of guests or evidence of unauthorized guests or boarders will result in a daily charge of $100 (to be paid immediately and/or in rental termination and immediate eviction without any refund.

RESTRICTIONS ON PROPERTY USE:  Violating any of these restrictions can result in immediate rental termination, eviction, and/or forfeiture of the entire rental payment and damage deposit.   Energy Conservation. Due to extreme energy costs in the USVI, guests are required to use lights, air conditioning and laundry facilities conservatively. Lights should be turned off if not in use and/or needed for security, safety or visibility. Air conditioners MUST be turned off when guests are not present on property.  Guests are encouraged to wash full loads whenever possible.  Management reserves the right to turn off lights and air conditioning, when the premises are not occupied by guests. Pool/Spa.  The pool is less than 5 feet deep.  No diving, jumping, running into the pool or rough play in or around the pool is allowed.  The use of non-plastic house wares, foreign objects, or consuming food/drink in the pool or spa is allowed.  No sitting, walking or standing on the open, suspended edges of the pool is allowed.  No unsupervised use of the pool or spa by minors is allowed.  Pets.  Unless prior written permission has been obtained, guest pets (of any kind) are NOT allowed in, around or on the premises. Evidence of unauthorized pets will result in a $200 charge and immediate reservation cancellation without refund. Approved pets will be assessed a nightly or one time charge at the time of reservation.  Guests are responsible for cleaning up after their pets.  There is a non-refundable sanitation fee of $50 per pet, and one time refundable security deposit of $200. Smoking. Smoking (or evidence of smoking) is not allowed on property grounds.  Smoking is only allowed in the driveway. Occupants assume full liability for any property damage caused by themselves or their guests thru the possession and/or use of smoking paraphernalia.  Evidence of smoking on property grounds and/or inside the unit(s) will incur a charge of $250, without exception, and immediate reservation cancellation without refund. Drugs or Hazardous Materials.  Occupants and invited guests cannot use and/or permit any illegal substances, combustible materials, explosives, components used in the production of bio-hazards or explosives, or any articles which can be hazardous to life, limb or property, to be brought on, around, or in the property.  Guests will be reported to law enforcement and the reservation will be cancelled immediately without refund. Loud or Disruptive Activities.  House parties, weddings, large gatherings or receptions are not permitted without advance written permission from Ocean Kaleidoscope Villa.  This property is not prepared to handle unapproved additional guests and does not have parking facilities to accommodate extra vehicles.  Guests are expected to be reasonably quiet and peaceful, and should not behave as to disturb other residents of the neighborhood.  Other.  Guests are prohibited from removing any items from the property, rearranging furniture, or altering the original property d飯r in any way.

CHILDREN:   Children 4 and under stay free (limit 2).  Minors of any age are the sole responsibility of their parents, legal guardians or designated caregivers.  Parents, legal guardians and designated caregivers assume full liability for the actions of all minors in their party.

GENERAL DISCLOSURES:  Ocean Kaleidoscope Villa is owner occupied, with on-site property management and maintenance.  Family pets reside on the property grounds and are securely kept away from villa occupants or guests by a strategic and attractive array of gates and lattice fences.  Ocean Kaleidoscope Villa is located in an un-gated, non-associated, residential neighborhood.  Hurricane season runs from June through November, with the average peak being September.  The average year-round temperature is 80 degrees.  In a tropical environment, pest control efforts may not totally deter ants, roaches, other insects and/or pests.  Certain foliage in tropical environments can be harmful or cause injury if ingested or touched.  There may be many forms of wildlife found in tropical foliage, including but not limited to birds, frogs, deer, iguanas and small non-poisonous snakes.

VILLA MAINTENANCE, ENTRY AND EXCEPTIONS:  All villa equipment is regularly inspected and maintained in the most reasonable working order. If it becomes necessary for management to enter the villa premises to make repairs or perform other maintenance services, every effort will be made to notify guests in advance so as to not cause unnecessary inconvenience or disturbance during their stay.  Any repair or maintenance issue, which is within managementॸclusive control, and cannot be resolved within 72 hours of notification, and causes unreasonable discomfort or disruption, may result in a partial refund or rate adjustment, unless traveler and/or guests have contributed and/or are responsible for the issue, damage or malfunction.   

LIABILITY:  Guests are responsible for inquiring at the time of booking about any issues regarding safety, privacy, and/or amenities which are a concern or of importance to them.  Management reserves the right to refuse service to anyone, and assumes no liability for delay, irregularities, accidents, bodily injury, death, personal property loss or damage, due to negligence, defect, theft, an 㴠of God௿the involvement or acts of any person, company, or independent service provider (travel agents, tour operators, product manufacturers, airlines, rental cars, taxis, buses, boats).  Management will not assume responsibility for any inconveniences due to the failure of guest(s) to deliver proper advance written notification.  Proper I.D. may be required upon arrival before occupancy is allowed.  Guests are responsible for the villa for the duration of the rental period and for the observance of all precautions, which are provided upon check-in and/or posted in the villa.  Guests are responsible for ensuring that they and other visitors abide by all oral or written property rules and regulations.  Management assumes no responsibility and guarantees no compensation for unforeseen mechanical failure such as the supply of water, electricity, cable services, television, telephones, air conditioning, and other appliances.  Management reserves the right of ownership to any written guest testimonials, photo images taken on property, and all marketing instruments such as logos, rental agreements and web site content.

HURRICANES: In the event the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (www.noaa.gov) places the USVI in the path of an advancing hurricane, 3 days (minimum) prior to the stormଡndfall, guests are mandated to check out and seek accommodations elsewhere and/or reschedule their departure from the territory. Reservations are cancelled and subject to the refund policy.

RENTAL AGREEMENTS:  Ocean Kaleidoscope Villa will issue a signed Reservation/ Confirmation Agreement (峯Conযr each booking, which includes the name and address of the traveler, names of other guests, unit(s) rented, booking date, check in/check out dates, payment due, any additional charges, airline arrival/departure information, all terms and conditions, disclaimers, and any other required information.  The Res/ Con supersedes all prior communications, whether written or oral; stated or implied, and it must be signed by the traveler assuming financial and legal responsibility for the booking, and for all other occupants and invited guests who use the rented property.  The Res/Con agreement is a binding contract and the signature and submission of deposits and payments constitutes the travelerࡣceptance of all terms and conditions specified.  Any request for changes to the Res/Con agreement (i.e. amendment of the reserved dates, the number of persons or special requests) MUST be made in writing by certified postal mail, fax or e-mail.  In any dispute arising out of the Res/Con agreement, the laws of the Virgin Islands shall apply and the prevailing party shall recover its costs, expenses and reasonable attorneys' fees.